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How to do Neon Makeup

How to do Neon Makeup

Neon makeup is one of the up and coming top looks today. You can see everyone sporting them – from fashion and beauty bloggers to Hollywood celebrities. Neon makeup is a great way to show off your sense of style and your taste in art. This blog post is to show you how to do neon makeup looks plus some great tips on how to rock neon eyeshadow.

Step 1: Apply first eyeshadow color.

Start by applying your first neon eyeshadow color with a fluffy brush starting at the inner corner of your eye and blending toward the outer corner.

Step 2: Apply second eyeshadow color.

Apply your second neon eyeshadow with a new, clean brush, blending from from the outer corner inward.

Step 3: Create a dramatic shape.

Using the same brush, blend the second color into your desired shape and into the first color.

Step 4: Apply mascara.

For a more dramatic effect, apply a high definition mascara.

Step 5: Smile and pose for the camera.

Enjoy your new look!

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