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How to Wear Pink Eyeshadow Like a Pro

How to Wear Pink Eyeshadow Like a Pro

One of the best ways to create a statement is through adding color on your lid; and one of the hottest colors you could try out is pink. A lot of people are intimidated by wearing pink eyeshadow on their lids because the look could be a bit striking and wild. However, if you know the right amount of pink to put on your eyelids, you should pull it off perfectly. It can even be worn to the office!

How to Wear Pink Eyeshadow

You just need to be careful in applying pink eyeshadow along your lower lash line as this may look very harsh on you. Keep in mind that it might look like you have an eye infection when you do this, so take extra caution.

Your goal is to make your look remarkable but still wearable. Makeup experts say that in order for your makeup, especially when wearing pink eyeshadow, look more soft but still maintaining its uniqueness is by creating a barrier. Do not wear pink eyeshadow alone. At least line your eyes, or blend the pink with other colors to make it look better on you.

Here are some examples on how to rock that pink eyeshadow on your beautiful lids:

Pink eyeshadow tutorial
purple pink eyeshadow makeup

best pink-lips-black-eyeshadow
How to wear do pink eyeshadow makeup
2014 pink eyeshadow makeup
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