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If you want to look beautiful, chances are that you want to look younger as well. While there is no way that we can get our hands on the fountain of youth, there are some things that we can do – one of them is through taking good care of our skin; and the other is with the use of makeup.

Take note that wearing makeup is all about accentuating and enhancing your best features, not painting a face other than yours. You don’t have to go insane over putting makeup on, you just have to be equipped with the right amount of techniques to look younger and even more beautiful.

Want to learn more about looking younger with makeup? Here are some of the tricks that you need to know right now:

Tip #1: Moisturize.

This seems pretty obvious and you should have really mastered this by now. By applying moisturizer religiously, your skin will eventually become more plump, hydrated and youthful. Moisturize your skin before applying makeup in the morning and after cleansing your entire face and neck before going to bed.

Tip #2: Skip the powder!

As we age, powder also emphasizes our flaws such as rough spots and fine lines. Also, powder only just makes your skin look dull and cakey. So make the switch – opt for a yellowish cream and liquid-based foundation instead of powder. It will give you a youthful glow by making your skin dewy.

Tip #3: Use pink cream foundation.

A creamy pink formula on your cheeks will show off that lovely bone structure and gives your face a flushed glow, like a teenager after going to gym class.

Tip #4: Brighten up your eyes.

Make those eyes look more awake and less droopy by curling your eyelashes. Make them livelier with the use of nude, beige or white eyeliner on your lower lid.

Tip #5: Plump up your lips!

Lips lose fat and collagen with aging. To give those thinning lips a quick fix, why not try a mentholated lip balm before lipstick? Or you can simply apply lipstick and just sweep a plumping lip gloss afterwards.

But the most important tip I could give you is to live healthy and start an effective skin care regimen as early as possible. At the age of 25, you should start taking vitamin supplements and anti-aging products. Remember that once the damage on your skin is done, it will be extra difficult to reverse it.

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